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Yoga with Danielle Sangita

New Yoga Studio Coming Soon!

I am putting the finishing touches on my new home yoga studio where I will plan to begin a few small sized classes. Stay tuned for my offerings and schedule. The studio is set to work with 5- 10 people at a time for more personalized classes and attention. I can’t wait to share this beautiful new space with you!

Do you have a group that you would like to bring in for a specialized class? Wanting to make a girls day out unique? Contact me and we can design a session with that in mind.

Yoga for Beginners

Never done Yoga before? Do large yoga classes intimidate you? Let's work together to create a slow and safe practice just for you!  We will work at a pace that feels comfortable to you and to explain all aspects of yoga for a full understanding of breath work, postures, and mediation. This slow pace will help you feel more comfortable with the practice of Yoga and develop a routine that works best for you. 

Yoga for Athletes

Why not enhance your performance and prevent injury by adding yoga to your training plan now? A well-rounded yoga practice includes dynamic flexibility training, core stabilization, strengthening and balance work. By focusing on these vital elements, yoga can help you recover faster after workouts, open up the tight areas that hinder performance, improve range of motion, and develop mental focus and concentration.

Danielle has been teaching yoga as a certified yoga (RYT-200 hr) instructor for over 14 years and has played competitive tennis on a high school, and college level. She has been reintroduced to the game of tennis once again and finding the love of yoga and tennis to be quite a match!

Yoga  (Group or Private classes)

Danielle offers both private and group yoga sessions. Each session combines breath work, stretching, strengthening and deep relaxation. Yoga is different than exercise in that it helps to unite the mind, body and the spirit. Through yoga you become more aware of your body and your thought patterns. During a session, you will learn which yoga postures you can do at home that will create balance and reduce discomfort in your body.

The benefits to practicing yoga are endless:

  • Increases flexibility

  • Tones and strengthens muscles

  • Calms the central nervous system

  • Relaxes the mind

  • Increases lung capacity

  • Reduces muscle tension

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy: 

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy works on the principles of bringing the elements of the body, mind and spirit together in a customized class. If you are feeling sluggish, low energy or depressed then we would work on balancing more of the Earth element. If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, worried, stressed then we would work more with the Air element and brining that to balance through a grounding practice.